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At Systems Solutions our committment to our customers never wavers and our solutions consistantly provide up-to-date and industry specific services and solutions to meet your business needs! We proudly introduce:

SSI Edge -- The Next Generation of Distribution Software



The Power of SSI...

Business System

The SSI Business System is a Powerfull Business Management System for your Office Products, Distribution Business at a very affordable price...

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Online Web Store

The new standard for Online Web Stores, 100% customizable, and indisputably the Fastest Web Store in the Industry...

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SSI Edge Graphical Power

SSI Edge Our Next Generation of Software was Created as Web Page Based Software Utilizing the Current SSI MySQL Data Base

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Lower Price Better Vaue

SSI provides better value: Reduced Cost, Lower maintenance fees, and web fees. No charge Item updates Continued enhancement ...

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Business Machine Dealers: SSI Integrates With

Automated Meter Collection and Billing, Contract Billing and Service and Dispatch


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SSI Your Software Solution For:

Office Supplies Dealers

Office Furniture Dealers

Office Machine Dealers

All Distributors including:

Jan San and

Industrial Products

The SSI Business System Provides Outstanding Value With Reasonable Support Cost