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Designed for commercial accounts, not just retail customers, SSI Web makes it easy to give your business a competitive web presence.

B2B Ready
Superior Shopping Experience

Full Integration

SSI Web is completely integrated with SSI Edge. Customer and item information — including pricing — are pulled from the backoffice system in real-time so you don't have to waste your time creating and maintaining redundant data. Likewise, customers' orders are automatically passed back to SSI Edge and dropped into the normal order flow for purchasing and fulfillment.

  • Automatic order processing

  • No redundant data to maintain

  • Consistent customer pricing across all sales channels

  • Real-time access to on-hand stock levels

Full Control

Most of our customers are independently owned. That independence should extend to the Internet. Your web site is the virtual extension of your business. You should be in control of it and with SSI Web, you are. Modify site behavior and account settings with built-in management tools, add content, or even change its appearance. You're also in control of your data; unlike some software providers, we don't sell your information, your transaction data, or the search rankings on your site.

  • Set product search rankings

  • Edit site templates and CSS style sheets — change your site's look and feel

  • Control site advertising

  • Add content - additional pages, videos, banners and HTML code

B2B Ready

SSI Web is designed for business-to-business (B2B) sales. It includes the purchasing controls and management features that commercial accounts expect.


  • Customer-defined purchasing roles

  • Customer budgets

  • Multi-level purchasing approvals by:

  • Dollar amount

  • Budget

  • Contract or off-contract

  • Link individual users to multiple sub-accounts, ship-to addresses and credit cards

  • Punchout capability

A Superior Shopping Experience

A clean, modern interface, search and merchandising tools like the big e-commerce sites, and a streamlined checkout process all contribute to a superior shopping experience for your customers.

  • Intuitive user interface (developed by a Google-certified UX designer)

  • Fast, full-featured web cart

  • Favorites lists

  • Stock check — yours or a supported vendor's

  • Shopping cart preview

  • Guest checkout option

Content for Your Customers

Load online catalogs and e-content from supported vendors — including Essendant and S. P. Richards — or add your own custom items.


  • Online catalogs and enhanced e-content from multiple vendors

  • Online flyers for web-only pricing

  • Optional automatic ad feed from supported vendors

  • Add your own custom items

  • Supports Item411 competition pricing

Technology for You

Like all of our products, SSI Web is built with modern, Web-oriented development tools to deliver optimal performance and a great user experience.

  • Dealer-editable CSS — control your site's appearance from the home page to final checkout

  • SEO optimized

  • True responsive design — customers get the best possible experience regardless of what device they are using

  • Google Analytics support — monitor your site traffic and customer engagement

  • Optional chat software integration

Security for Everyone

When you are selling online, security is important for you and your customers. In addition to the security features built into the software itself, SSI Web is hosted at a secured collocation facility to provide additional protection and ensure maximum up-time for your site.


  • SSL-compliant

  • DDoS attack detection and mitigation

  • Communication with your SSI Edge system is via encrypted VPN

  • Credit card information is stored in encrypted files during transaction processing, then deleted — no credit card information is retained on the server

  • Servers are  regularly updated with the latest O/S and security patches

  • We never sell your information or transaction data

More Profit for Your Bottom Line

Successful e-sellers don't necessarily want to sell their most expensive products, they want to sell their highest margin products. SSI Web can help you do exactly that. Powerful merchandising tools make it easy to direct your customers to the products that you want to sell — the ones that make you the most profit!

  • Distributor-controlled search rankings (including first in search)

  • Product suggestions — Also Bought, Switch-and-Save, substitute items and more

  • Merchandising pages

  • Featured products

  • Ads and banners

Punchout Capable

More and more customers, especially larger accounts, are requiring punchout capability as a condition of doing business. They want to connect with your webstore through their own internal ERP or procurement system. Users can shop and create orders that go through the customer's internal approval process before being passed back to the webstore for processing.


SSI Web supports customer punchouts. If you need this capability, we will be happy to work with you to create a direct connection between your SSI Web storefront and your customer's internal purchasing system.

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